Work Flow and Rates

Once you’ve learnt enough about me from this website, get in touch with a little bit of info about you and your project, what services you think you require and how long we have to work on it. I’ll get back to you with any questions, an initial quote and, once everything’s decided, I’ll crack on.

Need something doing sharpish? I might be able to help. Depending on how quickly you need it back and my availability there may be a slightly elevated fee, but we’ll discuss this before I get to work.

For approximate costs, please see the table below.

Type of workSuggested minimum hourly rate*
Substantial editing, rewriting or copywriting£33.50
*As per the SFEP.

I’m a really hard worker and I guarantee you’ll come away satisfied with the service you receive. Furthermore, I will always, always, hit deadlines. In return, I ask that you stick to any payment terms and contact me if there’s any reason payment will be delayed. I promise I won’t bite and it helps me keep my business running smoothly if I know what’s what. Being 100% up-front is really important to me and will ensure we develop a great working relationship.

Finally, I’ll never take on something I’m not qualified to do, so if I have to turn down your project; it’s not you, it’s me! And I’ll be signing up to the next relevant course, so please check back in for help with your next project, because I might have levelled up by then!